Teaching kids about money isn’t rocket science…it’s Rocket Piggy!

As we tap our credit cards more and carry less cash, it’s getting harder to teach kids about money.

Financial literacy is one of the most important skills any person can learn today, yet it’s also the skill least likely to be taught – either by parents or in school. Rocket Piggy is an innovative new platform that encourages children to start learning by practicing smart money habits at an early age.

  • 66% of parents say they struggle to teach their children basic money skills
  • 82% of parents feel financial education should be taught in school from Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • 80% of youths are not confident in their financial knowledge

Rocket Piggy. The fun way to start good money habits

Rocket Piggy is a two-way app for parents and kids. Parents install Rocket Piggy app on their phone, where they set up and approve chores, pay allowance and monitor their child’s progress. Piglet app comes installed on Piggy, our dedicated device for children. With Piggy, kids easily mark chores, receive allowance, play math games and more.

Right Age to Start

When kids begin to understand the concepts of responsibility, consequences, and the difference between wanting and needing, that’s the time to start, usually at four or five years of age. It’s important to start with small steps, that’s how good habits stick.

Think Small

Even the small act of setting up a chore gets a child thinking. The next step is allowance and setting a goal. There are moments throughout the day which can be turned into learning (and earning) opportunities, like feeding a pet. Step by step, your child’s sense of self-assurance and self-actualization begin to grow.

About Rocket Piggy Corp.

Rocket Piggy Corp. is a children’s financial literacy company focused on developing the next generation of money-smart kids. Rocket Piggy delivers an interactive platform for parents and children as young as four years of age. Founded in 2016 and lead by three parents of nine financially-literate kids, Rocket Piggy is built on practical, real-world learning. Rocket Piggy launched Summer 2018.

Rocket Piggy in the News

Rocket Piggy on Tech It Out with Marc Saltzman, one of North America’s most recognizable and trusted technology experts.

podcast.radioamerica.org/tech-it-out (Rocket Piggy segment starts at 26:30).

What parents are saying

"I think my child may now have a nag-free life!"

"So, he woke up, brushed his teeth, flossed, used mouth wash, combed and gelled his hair. Then said wait a minute, you didn’t give me any money yesterday. I told him he doesn’t get paid until Friday. His response? “What the heck?” !!!!""

"I no longer have to tell him to do anything on his chore list…he does it completely on his own!"


What is Rocket Piggy?

Rocket Piggy is an app-enabled smart piggy bank for children ages 4+. Rocket Piggy app is for parents, Piggy is for kids. Together they’re a launchpad for money-smart kids.

Do you put money in Rocket Piggy?

No money goes in, Rocket Piggy keeps track of saving and spending for you. When you’re ready, you can transfer money to a bank account. Just remember, to a child it’s real money.

Do I have to pay chores?

No, you don’t. You decide if chores are paid or not. You can customize each chore and set them to pay or not. The choice is completely yours. Every family has their own way of doing things.

What age is right for Rocket Piggy?

Rocket Piggy is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 7. Kindergarten to grade two. That’s the age when kids begin to understand consequences, and the difference between wants and needs.

Do I have to buy Piggy?

No you don’t. Rocket Piggy app is a free download for parents. Piggy is our dedicated device that comes loaded with Piglet, the children’s app that pairs with Rocket Piggy. You can download Piglet for free on any device.

Does Piggy use Wi-Fi?

Yes it does. That’s how it communicates with the parent app. For your peace of mind, there is no camera or microphone. Your privacy and safety is our priority.

What is Piggy made of?

Piggy has a shell made of phallates-free food-grade plastic. It’s tested completely safe as a toy.

How do you charge Piggy?

Simply plug Piggy in and charge it like you would a cell phone. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside.

Three dads. Nine financially-literate kids. A lot of learning.

If there’s one thing we have learned, it’s good money habits start early. That’s why we created Rocket Piggy. To help parents teach their kids about money in the digital age. Setting up chores, paying allowance, learning basic math – these are the building blocks of financial literacy. And take it from us, financial literacy doesn’t happen all at once. It takes time. It’s a skill you develop over time. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. What you’re doing is setting up your kids for a lifetime of financial well-being. But believe us, it’s totally worth it.

Team Rocket Piggy
Team Rocket Piggy

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The Piggy Principles

Rocket Piggy is built on six financial principles. These are the principles we grew up with, and we believe they’re just as relevant today as ever.

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Phone and Blue Piggy
Phone and Pink Piggy
Blue Piggy
Pink Piggy
Phone, Piggy and Tablet