Three dads, nine kids, many years of experience.

Having raised all these kids, we’ve learned a few things along the way. Which led us to create a tool (or is it a toy?) to help today’s parents teach their kids financial literacy.

More than technology, Rocket Piggy is a conversation starter. You’ll find yourself talking about saving money and setting goals, the rewards of doing chores, why delayed gratification is a good thing, etc. And yes, with a four-year-old.

We think these conversations should happen sooner rather than later. Why wait for kids to become teenagers to introduce good money habits? Most school-age kids can figure this stuff out.

Just remember, positive reinforcement goes a long way. What you’re really after is setting up kids for a lifetime of financial well-being.

It’s a big task, yes. But take it from three dads who have been there -- it’s totally worth it.

Glenn, Chris and Fedja

Image - Piggy Cycle