The Final Countdown

August 15, 2019 will be the last day of Rocket Piggy. We want to thank you for choosing Rocket Piggy to help teach your child about money and how it works.

It’s been quite a journey, one that started four years ago. The team at Rocket Piggy has been committed to building a state-of-the-art tool since day one. It’s hard to believe we are coming to the end.

Still want the games?

Your child can still play the math games on Rocket Piggy after August 15. All you need to do is update Piggy and you will continue to have access to them. Piggy should check for automatically but if not, follow these steps:

  • Tap and hold gear icon or child’s photo on Piggy home screen for five seconds
  • Tap “Check for updates”
  • Tap “Done” and that’s it

Again, thank you for joining Rocket Piggy. We hope you enjoyed the experience.

Team Rocket Piggy

Launchpad for money-smart kids



For Kids
Kids mark chores here, receive allowance, watch savings reach their goals, play fun educational games and earn Astros to play with Aliens.

Rocket Piggy

For Parents
Mom and dad set up kids, assign and approve chores, pay allowance, get notifications and monitor educational progress.


You set the amount, the day it’s paid, how it’s split between Spending, Saving and Sharing, and how much is earned versus given. Kids can play Coin Game on Piglet to receive their allowance.


Lots of options here. We have ready-made chores and custom-made chores. You decide if a chore is paid or not. Child marks a chore done on Piglet, you approve it on Rocket Piggy app.


Jobs are one-off tasks that pay out as soon as they’re completed. Kids mark them done on Piglet, just like with Chores.

Image - Allowance

Spending, Saving, Sharing

These are digital money jars. When you explain the meaning of Spending, Saving and Sharing, you’re teaching a child about the different uses of money. Plus you can set a goal for each.

Track Spending

Make quick withdrawals from your child’s Spending balance to have them start paying for little treats when you’re out. This is how kids learn to become smart spenders.


We send notifications to help you stay on top of daily activities. They help you keep track of paying allowance, approving chores, monitoring progress on games and more.

Image - Education


We’ve designed over 50 financial literacy games for children ages 4 to 6. Kids learn to identify numbers, count, add, subtract and then apply that learning to money.


When kids earn an education badge, they are given an alien egg. Every time they do chores, they earn Astros. Watch what happens when they use Astros to grow Aliens!

Image - Goals

The biggest goals start with small steps

Introducing chores and allowance is an easy way to start good money habits. Designed for kids four and up, everything is customizable to work at your family’s speed. With a little work and determination, you’ll discover Rocket Piggy truly is a launch pad for money-smart kids.

Easy for parents

Download Rocket Piggy parent app and set up as many kids as you like. Approve chores, pay allowance, keep an eye on growing math skills. In no time, you’ll all have the hang of it.

Easy for kids

With Piglet on a device, kids feel a little more grown up when it comes to helping out around the house and earning a bit of pocket change. Plus they’ll have fun growing Aliens they earn.

Easy for money

There’s no real money in Rocket Piggy. We use RP dollars instead. Bottom line, it’s all the same to kids…as long as parents honor the Piggy Pledge and treat it like it’s real money.